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Back Description For all those who have never been to the opera or who, as long-time fans, want to experience the charismatic artists of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in a different way: At the already second musical blind date on the proscenium stage on Wednesday, 13 September 2022 at 7.30 p.m., there is something for every ear – from Monteverdi to musicals, charmingly presented, to be enjoyed without prior knowledge and artfully accompanied by Anastasiya Titovych and Wolfgang Wiechert on the grand piano – falling in love not excluded! Small spoiler: The ensemble members Kimberley Boettger-Soller, Luiza Fatyol, Cornel Frey, Torben Jürgens, Heidi Elisabeth Meier, Jake Muffett and Romana Noack take the title very seriously this time: at half past seven everything revolves around dating, longing, loving and vices. Romeo meets Juliet, Maria meets Tony, Don Giovanni meets 1003 ladies alone in Spain – the good old table phone, the romantic predecessor of the dating app, runs hot when lonely hearts meet. Songs are sung languorously in the street where Freddy Eynsford-Hill’s beloved lives, intimately from the balcony, vengefully over the garden fence or in swing rhythm on the orchestra pit. And Zara Leander’s motto on the subject of a failed date is not to be missed: “Just don’t cry for love…”. – A perfect evening for couples, those who want to become couples and everyone for whom there is only one great love: music!
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