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back Content Unaware of his origins, Siegfried grows up with the grumpy dwarf Mime. With the help of his strong and fearless foster son, Mime plans to win the Rhinegold for himself and then eliminate Siegfried. But the latter learns of the Nibelungen’s murderous intentions, kills him and finally sets out to learn to fear. He finds Brünnhilde and frees her from her eternal sleep. Does love triumph after all?

The rediscovery of the Nibelungen manuscript enriched German mythology with its most important heroic figure at the end of the 18th century. Talk about the “Ring” In this episode, Axel Kober and Dorian Dreher get visited by a grumpy dwarf who actually is a really nice singer, they witness the punch-up of a ravioli can and get to know the challanges of being an orchestra musician while firemen and technicians are taking up one’s space doing their work aswell.
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