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back Content Brevity is the soul of wit, as the saying goes. The full-length narrative ballets of this season are countered with “Shortcuts”, a programme that lives from the concise quality of the individual choreographies. Pieces, none of which lasts longer than 15 minutes and each of which is a self-contained work. Short and to the point, pointed and courageous.

Two classics from the 20th century are included: Hans van Manen’s eponymous piece “Short Cut” (1999), an atmospherically dense and wonderfully touching work by the Dutch grand master, who once again gets to the point in just a few steps. And William Forsythe’s “Artifact II” (1984), which dissects the ballet to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and frees it of all decorative elements until only the pure and the joy remain.

New creations will also be premiered on this evening: Alongside the well-versed choreographic signature of Bridget Breiner, ballet director and head choreographer at the Staatstheater Karlsruhe, a work by the young choreographer Neshama Nashman will also be presented. Nashman has been a company member of the Ballett am Rhein since 2020/21 and since has demonstrated her choreographic talent projects such as “Step by Step”. Short Cut
Fisrt performed on 27 January 1999, Nederlands Dans Theater, DThe Hague

Artifact II
Fisrt performed on 05 December 1984, Frankfurt
Ballett, Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt am Main

Two world premieres

Fur­ther Re­com­men­da­tions